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Published 18/01/2021

Published 18/01/2021

2021 is underway, leaving us more acutely aware that our world moves at a lightning pace.

But it can still be a shock to learn the skills you gained a mere 12 months ago may need recontextualising, thanks to evolving technologies and COVID-19 upheaving the legal sector.

To help propel your career in an increasingly disrupted legal landscape, we’ve picked out the Top 21 CPD courses of 2021. From keeping up to date on the latest legal changes, to learning a new specialisation or honing your existing skills, it’s time to get these CPD courses on your radar – and into your calendar.


1. Help your clients find their dream home 

Keeping across the many changes surrounding real estate laws is no easy feat – given how rapidly the industry has evolved in recent years. 

The Essential guide to buying and selling real property will bring you up to speed on the state of play, delivering new insights into how to best advise your clients in a changing market.


2. Master the art of litigation 

Learn how to litigate with ease – and negotiate to win. 

Litigation skills best practice will give you a 360-degree view of the litigation landscape. From getting your client the best settlement to mediating with skill, this course acts as either a comprehensive introduction into litigation, or an engaging refresher. 


3. Level up your research skills 

As all practitioners know, conducting online research is a core skill to the practice of law – yet the process is far more difficult than it seems. 

The Essential guide to online legal research explores methods of computerised legal research, and the essential tools and techniques you need to enhance your day-to-day practice.


4. Talk the talk when it comes to financial matters

Looking to add more value when discussing financial matters with your clients? 

Accounting for lawyers recaps the basics on accounting principles, then delves into more complex topics, including forensic analysis tools and manipulation of accounts. 


5. Create A+ legal documents 

A large part of being a lawyer is the written word. Without clear, concise documents, your clients and co-workers are in the dark. 

The Essential Guide to Legal Document Drafting helps you enhance your writing powers with practical exercises that delve into real-world problems. 


6. Bring in 2021 with fresh clients 

Rise from the pandemic bigger and better than ever with the Business development – tactics and strategies to connect and attract clients course. 

This course is packed with strategies to help you grow your firm one year on from COVID-19 – including how to strategise, market, brand and network to build your client base. 


7. Up your retail and commercial leasing game 

Want to know how retail and leasing regulations have changed post COVID-19? 

As we end a year filled with new business ventures and vacant shop fronts, it’s important to understand the legal perspectives of both the owner and tenant. Retail and commercial leasing will build on your leasing knowledge foundations – and bring you up to speed on the contemporary landscape.


8. Keep up with the JobSeekers and improve your employment law 

COVID-19 has changed the employment market rapidly. Entire industries have dissolved while others have boomed. 

The Employment law updatecourse brings you up to date on the changes you need to know to best support your clients – whether they’re on the employee or employer side. 


9. Essential guide to testamentary trusts 

Discover the fundamental principles of testamentary trusts, revamp your knowledge or explore a new practice area with the Essential guide to testamentary trusts

You’ll come away with an understanding of the different types of testamentary trusts, knowledge on the tax differences between trust types and – naturally – the ability to draft testamentary trusts.


10. Revamp your power of attorney knowledge 

As our population ages, power of attorney applications are skyrocketing in frequency. 

In the Powers of Attorney in Practice course, you’ll be guided through critical information to understand the process, complexities, risks and dispute resolution methods when dealing with general and enduring powers of attorney.


11. Refresh your copyright law facts  

The era of online business is here to stay. In this ever-evolving landscape, it’s important your trademarks and patent knowledge is up to date. 

Copyright Law – fundamentals, management and disputes is a short, engaging course designed to give you the scoop on all things Copyright Law.


12. Add mediation to your legal toolkit 

In cases where complex issues, emotions and personal relationships are involved, there is a limit on how effective litigation can be. It rarely provides a lasting, constructive resolution to disputes. 

With the Nationally accredited mediator training program, you will learn how to use mediation to help your clients control outcomes, avoid court and offer them a quicker, cheaper and less stressful resolution process.


13. Ensure your will drafting is watertight 

Freshen up your will drafting proficiency and ensure you know what to do in case of a will being contested. 

The Wills and estates – administration and disputes course is an ideal refresher to ensure your clients’ final wishes are honoured.


14. Tackling debt recovery with new, improved skills  

If your client wants to start a debt recovery action in a local court, you’ll need a firm understanding and knowledge of the legal steps involved. 

Debt recovery in the local court will teach you the skills needed to increase your probability of a fruitful outcome.


15. Bring fresh eyes to elder law 

Study up on elder law and bring fresh ideas and empathy to your senior clients. 

The 'Elder law - capacity, asset protection, abuse, and ethics' update course will teach you how to navigate a range of legal situations impacting the elderly. Examples include reviewing contracts for entry into a retirement village, guardianship orders applications, assistance with incapacity documents and advanced care directives. 


16. Draft faster and smarter 

Discover the best ways to draft affidavits and witness statements – and create concise documents that meet all procedural requirements. 

The How to draft affidavit and witness statements course is ideal whether you’re looking to brush up on your skills or learn the fundamentals.


17. Update your immigration law understanding 

The recently passed Migration Amendments allows legal practitioners to provide immigration advice to clients without requiring them to register as a migration agent. 

Migration Practice Essentials will help you understand the recent updates relating to COVID-19. It also provides a solid foundation for practitioners looking to move into this exciting, high-demand arena.  


18. Advance your clients’ business transactions 

Want to add true value to your clients when they purchase or sell a business? 

The Sale of business transactions – valuations, due diligence and negotiations course will equip you with best-practice skills for structuring, financing and documenting purchases and sales.


19. Elevate your family law procedures 

Gain valuable insight into family law practice and procedures relating to ethical and professional responsibility issues that arise in this sector. 

The Essential guide to family law - practice and procedure is for those who want to learn more about family law, or for seasoned lawyers looking to update their methods.


20. Up your document and contract know-how 

Improve your contract drafting skills to produce powerful, precise, direct and accurate legal documents. 

Through practical exercises, the half-day Advanced contract and document drafting< course will make you a master at drafting in no time.


21. Let your clients put their full (testamentary) trust in you

Mastering testamentary trusts will help you build on your understanding of common testamentary trusts so you can provide current and accurate advice to your clients.

Just wanting to learn the fundamentals? Check out the Essential guide to testamentary trusts course. 

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